Do you want to start your own business?

Academy-250x250I’ve been back from vacation for a while now, the last week of August.

(It was fantastic. England, Ireland, Wales, all fabulous. Peppa Pig World was of course the highlight, but the scenery in the other places was good too.)

What have I been doing since then, if not blogging? Mostly, I’ve been hanging out here. I joined Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life   Academy right before the summer, and have been working through the courses and worksheets since then. If you’re a woman and thinking of starting your own business, or if you’re already in business but want to expand/refocus/etc, it’s really a great place to be. The Business Course alone is a goldmine of information about making money online, and as a member you get access to everything else too, a nutrition course, meditations, worksheets, all sorts of products.

My favorite part of being part of the academy is the community of women there. I log on to the forum every day and find advice and inspiration. It gives me a sense of belonging, to be part of this huge network of women just like me, who want to earn money doing what they love.

Anyway, I’m raving now. I have to be honest and tell you that the links in this post are affiliate links, but I wanted to write this post before Leonie doubles her prices on October 1. That’s the day after tomorrow.

It’s a good time to check it out if it’s something you might be interested in!

P.S. I’ll be blogging about my own new business soon, lots of good stuff is happening! 🙂