Personal growth vs. my need for an iPad

It’s a struggle, oh yes.

Just the other day I was explaining to my parents that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about our consumer society and about how so many of us don’t actually need anything anymore, except for maybe food. Unless you’re me and you’re a hoarder, in which case you could survive without food shopping, even.

I said that I question every purchase now, to see if I actually need it. (This doesn’t apply to books of course, since everyone knows that books feed the soul and you can’t get by without.)

I said that I can’t believe how far companies will go to get more money out of us, that they bring out these upgraded products so that we feel we have to buy new ones every couple of years.

I said I longed for a simpler time.

And today I went out and bought myself the latest iPad.

Now, I’ve been yearning (yes, yearning) for an iPad since they first came out what feels like a hundred years ago. But they’re so expensive and I don’t really, need one, so…

I had to admit that I don’t need an iPad, but I want one desperately and that’s sometimes ok too. Why do I want one? Because my iPhone is smaller, because they’re so pretty, just because. I want one for no good reason and I used my birthday and Christmas money (from next December) to get one.

It’s probably all kinds of wrong on the personal growth side, but I’m so happy! It’s so beautiful! That kind of beauty can’t be bad, can it?

Now, if there’s an app you can’t live without, tell me about it, please.