My new home

Welcome to my new virtual home!

(If you didn’t arrive here via my previous blog then go there now to read about the journey that led me here)

I called this blog ‘Create your World’ because I believe that that’s what we’re all doing. By dedicating our time and our energy to certain activities and pastimes, we each create the world we live in. I also believe in positive thinking and that like-attracts-like, meaning that the more positive things I devote my attention to, the more positive things will come my way.

There are all kinds of subjects that I’d like to explore here, including what it means to be a woman in today’s world, what kind of place we want the world to be, how we as individuals can contribute to that vision, how we can reach our full potential.  But there are other, smaller, parts of my life that I also want to  share – thoughts about the books I read, delicious recipes, anecdotes from daily life. Anything I come across that is inspiring or beautiful or amazing. Anything that matters to me.

‘Create your World’ will be a place for all this and more. I hope it will help both me and you to find inspiration, something that will push us further towards becoming the people we want to become.

I chose to just start writing rather than wait until I finish the layout and structure, so please bear with me as I build this blog, it’ll be a work-in-progress for a while yet!