Believing in reincarnation makes me happy

There is nothing in this world that fascinates me more than the notion of past lives, the idea that there is an infinite part of us that reincarnates, takes form, time and time again to learn, grow and develop.

This is not a new passion. I grew up in a family that is carefully atheistic – there’s probably nothing out there, but you never know. From as far back as I can remember though, I felt that I was here for a specific reason, that I chose to be here, and that physical death would not be the end of me. Living again and again always made sense to me.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I pursued this interest, read lots of books, and generally basked in the feeling of being different than the mainstream. I was into the esoteric for the wrong reasons and my interest was easily thwarted.

Under societal pressure to finally become an adult, I gave it all up. Well, except the books. Even though I’ve moved a dozen times, I never had the heart to give up all those fascinating, magical books.

I worked hard to get a degree, start a career, hold down a respectable job. I bought a house, got married and had a baby. And, although I love my life and wouldn’t change it in any way, I ended up still wondering about what else there is, why we are here, if there is a higher purpose to life.

It’s these questions that led me back to the magic I lost when I decided to fit into society. Thinking about them helped me find the courage to start figuring out who I really am. I rediscovered some of my former passions, and started exploring the notion of past lives again. It still makes sense to me and I live every day grateful that I am here to experience the beauty of life and this world.

I try to approach problems as obstacles on my path and take the time to explore the deeper questions I care about. I see lessons in everything, learn all I can, grow every day. And I’m starting to help others discover their own paths, learn their own lessons and overcome their own obstacles.

Linking my life to an eternal soul that reincarnates helps me live a happier, more fulfilling life because the things that happen to me make more sense as part of a bigger picture. And that can’t be a bad thing.

* This post was inspired by Michael Newton’s The Journey of Souls, a book about what happens between lives, based on information obtained through regression therapy. Only recommended for those for whom it feels right, I’m not here to convince anyone of anything!


8 thoughts on “Believing in reincarnation makes me happy

  1. It’s a beautiful post Joanna and I admire your faith. I fall more in line with your family’s beliefs–and I like that qualifier “carefully.” But although I don’t necessarily believe in A god, I do feel that we all have some purpose and that life has meaning in a way that we can’t always understand. Like you mention, when keeping these things in mind and taking the time to really contemplate, things seem to fit more smoothly.

  2. That certainly isn’t a bad thing. It sounds like you’re really re-discovering who you are. I think that’s wonderful!

  3. Thank you for writing this, now I don’t have to and can cross it off my list, because you did a bang-up job! :O)
    I started searching outside mainstream in my early 20’s and have never looked back. It’s at times been a wild ride, but all about growth. I still mess up all the time, but I know I am becoming stronger, more confident, and (hopefully) a bit wiser with age. Next time I come back, my father hopes that I will be more responsible with money! lol.
    Nice piece, enjoyed it very much.

    • Ha, I hope to be better with money next life too! The only way to do that is to really learn the lessons in this life though 🙂

      I love how being true to yourself really does make you stronger, that growth is a great feeling.

  4. Hi Joanna – a delight to discover your blog. And you pose an interesting question about reincarnation and a bigger one about life’s purpose. Growing up in a Hindu family, there were notions of reincarnation behind our religion but not something we paid any special attention to. There was always this feeling of doing good and being good for the sake of our next lives. Similar to the golden rule.

    I think about things in context of this life. It’s just better to try to be a better person to create more goodness in the world for this life. If I get the benefits of doing good in my next life too, I’ll take it:)

    • I spend too much time thinking about past lives, so I can definitely get on board with doing things in the context of this life! More time in the present is definitely time well-spent. But I do enjoy the bigger picture feel of thinking of reincarnation, it puts things in a perspective that’s easier for me to handle.

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