I learned a lot this week

I’ve had a really intense week – I was co-hosting a 3-day training on participatory leadership, which is all about changing mindsets and requires full emotional involvement; I received training on welcoming newcomers to the institution I work for, and another training on clear legal writing for my main job as editor; I had the end-of-year evaluation for the creative therapy course I am taking, in Dutch, a language I don’t really speak; and I ┬áprepared for and took part in some auditions for a local production of Evita.


It was long, it was intense and it involved a steep learning curve. Here are a couple of things I learned:

  • Think before you speak and only speak with intention. Speak from your heart, not just your mind.
  • When in conversation, listen to the other person or people and be conscious of where the conversation is going. Don’t hijack the conversation.
  • Even when not in a conversation, don’t do stuff on automatic pilot, you are not a robot.
  • Not every comment made needs a response from me, especially if it’s negative. Sometimes it’s simply not worth engaging in what will become an argument that nobody wins. In fact, nobody needs to win and we don’t need to argue. We don’t need to be on the defensive all the time.
  • Brings everything back to ‘need’ – we do not live in a vacuum. As in, do we need to keep working on this project? Why did we start it in the first place?
  • Loads of people around the world are doing great things. Tune in.
  • Don’t be scared of having conversations about difficult things. Apparently, the Queen of Denmark once asked: What if some of the things that are wrong with the world are that way because of conversations that didn’t happen?
  • It is possible to be afraid of success. In fact, I am afraid of success and that fear is holding me back.
  • You have to let some order into chaos and some chaos into order to create anything new. The balance is not defined, it is rather a dance between the two, continuous movement.

What did you learn this week?