What I learned on my summer vacation

1. I don’t hate France. I thought I did, but I don’t. I don’t know where my negative feelings towards France came from but I’m glad they’re gone so I can appreciate the beauty of this country. I absolutely loved our travels through Normandy and Brittany. Especially Normandy and especially Rouen, a city I immediately felt comfortable in. Isn’t the cathedral amazing? Shane thought it was a giant’s castle.

2. My son is an amazing traveller. He’s not even three years old and he’s a better traveller than I am. Much less grumpy on long car journeys and much less bothered by the extreme heat of the French summer. Plus, since we bought the iPad, he’s been a great dinner companion. He knows he can play on it until the food comes and then after he’s done. We’ve actually been able to go out again, woohoo! Isn’t he cute?

3. I like art! Really! All my life I’ve believed that I’m too, I don’t know, unsophisticated, shallow, lacking in something, to enjoy art. And then I watched this TED talk by Tracy Chevalier and gave myself permission to be honest about art and accept that I don’t need to like everything. So I went to look at some Monet paintings, because I always loved his stuff. And I discovered an artist I like just as much – Sisley. I’d never heard of him before, but will now look for a biography or something, I’d love to know more about him. Apparently he lived in one of my favorite places in the world, Wales – this is his painting of the Welsh coast:

Hope you all had a good summer!