Bloggiesta wrap-up – so many great ideas!

My participating in Bloggiesta pretty much consisted of writing my to-do list and doing some work on planning and organising. I didn’t get to any of the boring jobs, like creating a recipe index or cross-linking reviews. But since my main blogging problem is time-related, I’m very happy with what I did.

I participated in these mini-challenges:

Amanda from On a Book Bender has loads of ideas on how to be organized by scheduling posts, making lists and using templates. I made a rough schedule and at once decided that I can plan everything but review posts – my reading habits are just too erratic right now. That’s a really good thing to know though, I don’t have to feel guilty about reviews anymore, I see what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ll be exploring templates too. Thanks Amanda!

Trish from Love Laughter and a Touch of Insanity showed me how she uses a Blogger Journal and Calendar to stay organized and keep her “blogging brain” with her at all times. I made a calendar – though my printer cartridge ran out so I couldn’t print out a free template, I just did it in a notebook. I use notebooks all the time anyway, so this was really fun. By putting everything down in paper, it’s seems a lot less overwhelming, I feel like I could actually produce consistent content. Thanks Trish!

I added Pocket – an app used to save things to read later, described by Brianna from The Book Vixen. Unfortunately, I could only install the regular version on my Mac, I couldn’t get it on my iPad or iPhone as it’s not available in the Belgian store. So annoying!

I also graded my website, thanks to Smash from Smash Attack Reads who blogged about how fun and informative it is to Use a Website Grader. My site got a 74%, which I thought was a very surprising result!

That’s it! I’m planning on doing most of the others in the coming weeks and months. I had a great Bloggiesta, despite the lack of progress. I think I could fill days and days and days solely with checking out what everyone else did and suggests for others. Who has time to actually go to work?

A big thank you to Suey and  There’s a Book for keeping this great event alive!


2 thoughts on “Bloggiesta wrap-up – so many great ideas!

  1. Great job! You’ve done a lot. I didn’t get to the boring linking and cross-posting stuff, either, but I did some creative things and learned a lot.

  2. I LOVE your colored list. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the colors make me happy. 😉

    I wish that I had gotten a chance to play around with the mini-challenges a bit more but have them saved so I can do them when I have the chance. I keep hearing about Pocket so that’s one I’ll definitely check out.

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